• Since adding the "Your Say" page on the basstasstic club website, 37 votes have been received and Cania Dam is currently leading as favourite fishing spot and blades the preferred bass lure. What's your favourite?
    Posted: Wednesday 23 March 2011
  • Web-stats Update
    We've had fantastic web stats this week, with 75 unique visitors! Of this, 70 visitors added the club website to their list of favourites.

    One new member has contacted us through the website and we look forward to seeing James (hopefully at Round 3 - Cania)!

    Don't forget... if you have any content or photos you'd like to upload on the website you can email it to
    Posted: Sunday 13 March 2011
  • We've recently sent an email to all Basstasstic Club members using the email addresses collected when you registered for membership. But we had 20% error return rate. If you've recieved the email, we have your email address. If you haven't, please go to the "contact us" tab and send a note asking us to add you to our email list. We can then let you know when events are coming up and if there are any last minute changes. Please let your friends know, they may have missed the email. Thank-you!:)
    Posted: Friday 11 March 2011
  • Check it out! Basstasstic has a brand new website loaded with links to all your favourite pages, products, news, accommodations, events, results and so much more! The new website is more user-friendly so we can add your photos (please keep file sizes small) and chat on the forum (without having to remember your password). Click on all the links and see what's new! If you have any ideas, send them to or click on the "contact us" button!
    Posted: Monday 7 March 2011
  • Rainy Round 1 Saw Rowan Eyles Top of Rankings
    This year has started strong with over 40 anglers renewing membership dispite the rainy weather at Round 1 on Cania Dam last weekend 5-6th March.

    Rowan Eyles skillfully bagged out with 4 fish while some others anglers only caught colds. The final Sunday session was cancelled as the heavy downpour and the 100% Cania Dam level made creeks rise and threatened to cut access to the dam.
    Posted: Saturday 5 March 2011

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