Husband and wife win at Boondooma

Husband and wife win at Boondooma



Anglers travelled to Boondooma dam on the 23rd and 24th f May to fish in the round 3 Basstasstic tournaments bass fishing qualifier. It was good to see allot of new faces t this tournament round. Anglers came from Monto in North to Stanthorpe in south and Blackwater in west Brisbane in east. It all made for a excellent group of anglers for great weekend of fishing. Condistitions on day one was cold and windy and rumours from the Friday night briefing that it was going to be a  tough fish did nothing for the anglers on Saturday . In saying that tell fishing anglers things are tough and they step up a gear in attitude. The areas anglers were targeting was the junction and the Stuart river and it was good to see at the first measure-in good sized fish. Ok not allot of fish but the size of some of these Boondooma  bass were really impressive. Locals Terry Allwood and his wife Kimberley Allwood  showed they had some knowledge of were the bass were for session one. Terry took lead pole position in session one with a score of 817 points, closely followed by Brisbane angler Jamie Facer. Jamie had also found good fish with a bag total of 800 points. Kimberley Allwood was also in race with a score of 674 points. However the rest of the field of anglers fell short and many only measuring one bass. Session two in afternoon was still going to tough with the win not backing off. Again the Allwood’s showed how it could be done and Terry was in a good position with two good bass measuring 900 point total. Kimberley not far behind with a 853 point total.  This session seen allot of fish measured-in and this put a smile on many  anglers faces.  One of those anglers was Patrick Conduit of Brisbane he caught two good bass with a bag score of 907 points and gave him second place in session two. Terry and Kimberley Allwood went into session three with number one and number two pole positions . Terry in front and Kimberley not far behind in points. The lures that were catching fish on day one were Evergreen Blades in AYU colour Smak Mini copper  spinner baits Smak ice jigs and the new Smako's Spinner baits. The fish were coming mainly out of the junction area pelican  point and bay area  in Boyne arm. Day two cool and a slit wind better then day two. Anglers all had learned off where the fish were mainly coming from so it was about how quick they got their to find fish. Day two was a tough fish, but better then first session on day one. The third session was won by Mathew Langford  of Kingaroy with two good bass and bag total of 831 points. Patrick Conduit caught a good bag of 828 points. The weekend was a fairytale story for Allwood family. Possibly the first time a husband and wife have won first and second in Bass tournament.   Terry Allwood won the tournament with a total score of 2506 points, 6 out of 6 possible bass caught, he won $750 cash and a Leather key ring with the score engraved o it from Trevor’s leathers. Terry also won the biggest bass 467mm in length and took home the bass cash pool of $330 and a Eve Kool ice box. Kimberley came second with a score of 2343 points 6 out of 6 possible caught and won $400 in cash. I spoke to them and asked how they felt about the win and both were really happy about the out come. I asked was this to going ever happen again. Terry said maybe , Kimberley said it's hard with a young child to look after but if she has her way it just may happen again as she had the time of her life just being on water with her man and a fishing rod in her hand. Third place went to Jayden Facer of Brisbane with a score of 2064 points 6 out of 6 possible bass caught. He won $300 in cash. 4th was Patrick conduit with atotal score of 1735 points, he won $200 cash. 5th place was Matt Langford with a score of 1608 points he took home $100 cash, 6th place was Jamie Facer with a score of 1541 points he won a Smak lure pack, 7th place was Kiel Czislowski of Kingaroy with a score of 1532 points he won a Eva Kool ice box , 8th place was Barry Reynolds of Nambour with ascore of 1372 points , he won a Shimano reel. 9th place was Remi Hagge of Brisbane with ascore of 1335 points ,he won a Shimano 3 Zreo rod .10th place was Brett Blissner of Kingaroy with a score of 1288 points , he won a Berkley lure and line 

pack. Cindy Schloss of Dalby won the best female angler award with a score of 380 points. Only Junior to catch fish was Emma Wojtaskik from  Nambour with a score of 353 points she won a Shimano rod and a roll of Rovex braid. 

Posted: Tue 16 Jun 2015


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