Basstasstic Champion Teams event to be held in December


A Teams event will be held on the 8th and 9th of December 2012 at Somerset dam. This event will be the best of its type ever. You don’t have to be a member to fish this event; it is open to all anglers to participate in. To be a team you need two anglers and your team has to have a name. Cost per team is $160 .00 with $130 of this fee going back into the cash pool. So if we have 40 teams participating there will be over $5,000 in the pool for A group ,if we have less the cash pool comes down so the more teams you have, the more money in the cash pool. There will be loads of prizes to be won as well.

How the event works

On the Friday night of the tournament any teams which have not nominated online can at the briefing held on the Friday night of the tournament. After all teams have nominated a brief  on how the tournament is run will be given  to all present to let all know how the event is run and a draw will take place using ping ponk balls in a barrel. The balls will have a number on them and each team will be matched to a ball on team’s event board.

A team and their number matched to their name will be drawn from the barrel and teams will be matched against each other. And they will be matched in pairs to fish against each other on day one. Yes  two anglers in each boat will fight it out on day one to see who stays in group A which is the money pool the other who loses will go into group B which has Prizes except for 1st and 2nd place which $100  will be part of the prize for those positions . On day one the two teams will start together at say 6.00am the teams of two have to catch only two bass yes only two bass is all that is allowed at the measure-in and they will have to return and measure-in at 11.00am and their fish sizes will be recorded and written on the board.

Now after 11.00am measure-in each team can leave to try and upgrade on the fish they caught in the day one morning session. Teams have to report to the office and get their safety key which is matched to there team name and  number and match up number of the team that is  picked to fish against on Friday night. Each of the paired teams will start together.

The  morning measure- in is to be at 11.00am once you have measured in each team can leave at their time ,as long as they get your safety key and are checked out by admin. All teams will have to return at 6.00pm to finish day one of fishing; this is the final measure- in for day one.

You can come and go as you wish as long as you are checked in and out by admin and your safety key is returned each time.

The board will tell the story of who has won and all those teams go into group A, all losing teams on day one go into group B.

Sunday which is day two a group will fish against each other and B group will fish against each other to obtain the winners of each group. There will be a prize for biggest bass for the weekend.

Again, $130 of your joining fee goes into the pool. Call it gambling, call it what you like, but your team has the chance by beating the team you pick to enter the prize money pool. And all those losing anglers’ teams have the chance to win great prizes in B group. So go to the Basstasstic web site and nominate your team 

.Again this will and is the best event of its kind. It is to be run at a time when all other events have finished for the year. It If you have never fished in a Basstasstic tournament before and want to know more about this or any tournaments give Russell a call on 41678183 or e-mail us on  

Posted: Wed 07 Nov 2012

Posted: Wed 07 Nov 2012


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