We just finished fishing the Somerset round of ABT Tournament and It was good to see quite a few Basstasstic members competing.Congratulations must go to Steve Otto who finished 3rd and Mike Crieghton who finished in the money.Although it wasn't easy,there were still plenty of fish weighed-in,including a fewof the huge bass that Somerset is famous for.Biggest fish was a magnificent 3.55kg specimen,just to give you some idea of that bass's size.Aimee Thompson's record breaking bass from last year was 3.35kg so it was slightly bigger than hers.There was also a 3.25kg -55cm to the fork length bass weighed-in as well.The mojority of the basss came form the schools  but there was still plenty caught off the edges. Successful lures over the weekend were ice jigs,plastics,blades and jackall masks for the schooled fish,while sinnerbaits,jackall TN60 and TN70s and blades all caught fish on the edges.There are presently schools of bass off the end of the Spit,on the southern edges of Pelican Point (across from Brads Bank),oppesite the Hump and between Queen Street and Kirkleagh.I think most of the better quality sized bass came from the Spit and opposite the Hump.There are also quite a few small scattered schools on the bottom up in timber. If we get good weather on coming weekend ,I think our Tournament should have something for everyone.Expect to catch a few catfish too,as a few guys reported landing over a dozen each during the ABT Tournament at least that should keep Greeny happy. I hope this report gives you a few ideas for the coming weekend.

See you all there


Mike Delisser

Posted: Mon 22 Aug 2011


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