Angling Rules and Fees

Angling rules ensure a good fishing day is had by all. Make sure your angling in a sportsman like way by following the Basstasstic Fishing Rules.


Annual Membership Fee $65

Singles Round fee will be announced soon.

more for special events ,including Bass  fishing Grand finals and Barra events and teams events.


Annual Membership Fee is $5

Round Fee is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Junior is classed as a Junior if he or she is 15 Years of age and under  in the year of the tournament.


Qualifing rounds per team are $350 Note change in rules for teams events. One member in each team has to be a paid member and all teams who fish in the Grand Final have to be all paid members in full. NOTE. There will be a change this year  $100 from each team per Qualifying round  will jackpot to the Grand Final . This will make a pool of money to add tot he G/F final cash pool.

GRAND BASS FINAL FEES FOR 2019 Senior Bass fishing anglers will pay $350 each to fish in a Grand Final which includes a shirt..

Juniors Bass fishing will  pay $100 each to fish in a  Grand Final, all Juniors win  a prize which includes a shirt.

X-Factor teams Grand final $350 per team


Senior anglers $70 and Junior anglers $15


To become a member of Barra&Basstasstic you need to read the following rules and regulations and sign the joining form for Barra&Basstasstic. Once you sign the joining form ,you have to abide to the rules as a part of your Membership approval.

1. All anglers agree to adhere to all boating, fishing & safety regulations as set in place by the Queensland Government Fishing and Boating Authorities. This will entail all safety gear, fishing permits and life jackets for all aboard. Barra&Basstasstic will not be checking any boats for any reason other than checking live-wells before any fishing sessions. It is the total responsibility of the participating members to make sure they abide by the above laws.

2. All anglers agree to fish at their own risk in a safe and responsible manner, therefore never holding Barra&Basstasstic responsible for any accidents that may occur due to failing to meet all safety, fishing and boating regulations, which are set in place by the authorities' This includes any deaths which may occur while fishing in our events.

3. All anglers agree that Barra&Basstasstic takes no responsibility for personal or property damage.

4. Organisers will have the power to discuss all disputes and have the “final say on these matters”. Rules can be changed from time to time and This can be done at a tournament if the officials deem to think it has to be done at all or any time during the year., you need to read the rules as a part of your membership.

5. All fishing sessions are number key started and are floating starts. Boat owners need to know their number and be in line. Times will vary and it is the responsibility of the anglers to obtain official session time-tables “lose the key pay a fine of $6.00”. Anglers are to be given key positions by admin. If an angler  or anglers do not have their key at the sat of a session then they will find it before they go out for that session . if not found a fine of $6.00 will apply as no boat will fish without a key. lose your key while fishing and all in that boat will lose their session points. Look after the safety tag treat it like your life may depend on it and that could very well be the truth as it is a safety tag. 

6. All anglers will abide to the starter  at every session start or go to the back of the line.

7. Starting position key for session one, pay online and improve starting position, boater or non boater position at the Friday night briefing will happen with a line up. on one per boat bases before starting session one. These keys must be on the board before the end of each session, (If not penalty’s apply). The key board is located at the official’s measure-in tent.

8. Big boats will have to be considerate of small boats when on the water at all times.

9. Barra&Basstasstic competitions method of fishing is casting  artificial lures, flies, ice-jigging or drop-shotting with (NO TROLLING OR BAIT FISHING ALLOWED).No long lining  ,this is done with a cast the combustion motor power and the boat moving some long distance with line spooling out then retrieving the line. this is not classed as cast and retrieve. Electric motors and casting and moving is fine as long as you are retrieving at the time with a cast lure. "No bait fishing or Trolling a lure is the issue in this rule".

10. When leaving or approaching anglers who are fishing, all boaties are asked to be considerate of anglers who are already fishing in an area. You may fish within a reasonable distance of all anglers. A 30 meter distance is recommended unless the other boat gives permission. Do not go between the fishing angler and the bank at any time.

11. No fishing or sounding can be done outside of tournament session times during any fishing trials or Grand Final fishing rounds.

12. Anglers are responsible for the health of their fish while fishing the tournament and it is asked that the anglers have in place the appropriate devices and plan to keep fish healthy for a measure-in. 

Note: lack of oxygen is a problem in hot weather it is a recommendation that anglers carry  or install a spray beam or spray bar, so water can sprayed across the top of your live wells water ,also a air stone is another choice, ice can help so think ahead in hot weather

needling fish ,fish which come from deep water can and will become sick if the air is not released from the bladder of the fish.

 13. Anglers fish must be kept in a live well and it is recommended that you have at least a 60lt live well so as not to stress or lose fish.  Try identify  who owns each fish a good idea For eg; coloured mouth floats or coloured rubber bands or any such device.

14. Anglers are to make sure their fish are the legal length of 30cm to tip of tail. If an angler measures more than one under size fish at a measure-in a penalty of 30cm can apply. An angler is only to have two legal bass in his boat at anytime check  "Government laws."

15.All anglers must be back before session cut off times or a max of 5 mm per minute can be applied up to 5 minutes, after this 1cm will apply to 10 minutes, after this time and no longer than 15 minutes 30cm deduction will apply later than 15 minutes all fish for that session will be Disqualified. Battery break down can only happen once in one year it is your responsibility to have good battery’s this is not classed as motor break down.  Organisers have the final say on the rule whether to apply it or not. So expect to lose points if you are deemed to be late by the Organisers.

16. If your boat breaks down , another boat may be flagged down. You may ask them to advise organisers and help will be provided and your fish will be measured with no penalties to the anglers. Battery break down can only happen once in a year then you lose points check rule 15.

17. Pre-fishing is permitted on the weekend before which includes Monday only due to long weekends holidays and the Friday of the trial tournaments (except at Grand Finals) on any dam which is nominated as a fishing round dam for Barra&Basstasstic tournaments. Grand Final events have a two week ban on fishing at the nominated grand final dam this ban starts at 6.00pm on the Monday to allow for long weekend holidays. All anglers can pre -fish the Grand final dam on the Friday of the Grand final until 6.00pm Only ONE WEEK BAN for the bass fishing teams event 

18. In the event that an angler cannot make the final, next in line will fish the Grand final. If in case there is a large number of anglers who cannot fish and have qualified and no other anglers have fished 3 rounds ,its up to admin to make a call on who can or not fish if they have not fished 3 rounds. As from 2015 anglers have to fish 3 of the qualifying rounds to make the Grand Final , except for wild card draws and invitational anglers. . The ranking for selection is your best four overall .  All junior anglers can fish in the junior section at the grand final. Dad or Mum who do not make the Grand final can drive the boat but cannot fish from this boat. This also applies to Senior anglers, only anglers who make the grand final can fish from a grand finalist boat. In  all rounds only payed anglers can fish from boats or be in boats. 

19. Juniors are classed as Juniors if he or she is 14 years of age in the year of the tournament.

20. To gain points in trial rounds anglers must pay fees , online  or Friday night before the tournament or by arrangement  with admin,these  fees have to be fully payed to gain points ,(officials have the final say on this rule) Refunds are not given on fees paid in advance, but a rain cheque will apply at the next tournament ,if a refund is asked for before that paid tournament is held. No refund with the rain check wll be given after the friday night  meeting has been held before the tournament.

20a All anglers have to pay fees and fish at least one session to gain points in any qualifying rounds. If you have to leave a Tournament your tag has to be on the Safety board and you must tell the admin your leaving. Arrangements can be made on rounds if you have to miss one or more rounds. Again it has to be done with admins consent . You have to line up with all anglers at the starting line before you can leave a round and again fees have to be fully paid to gain points. 

21. Sportsmanship is all about an angler or anglers who fish in a boat find their own fish and catch their own fish. If you have to rely on someone else to phone or text you that they are on fish, it is seen to be not sporting. So please think before you phone or text to help other anglers . We cannot tell you to not carry a phone as it is classed as a safety device or you may want to contact someone while fishing in events.

22 fish cannot be transferred to another angler’s boat in any session, fish must remain with the anglers or angler if not measured. Penalty for breach of this law is total loss of points for that session.

23 This rule is about the measurer not having to wait for anglers who have left the water and are talking about the one that got away.

 If you have fish to measure-in, that boat is to stay in the water until all the fish are measured- in. Only then can you leave the water. However we do know that Borumba dam has no area for this rule to work properly .We understand you don’t want rocks damaging your boat if the weather is not good. You then are asked to get back earlier and if needed arrange for help with your boat and your fish. Work with us so we can get you home early too. Make measuring your fish a priority.

24 Only two fish can be in a measure-in drum at one time and enough water to cover the fish .

25  ON THE WATER if an angler has a sick fish he can find the measure-in marshal "only" and measure the fish, only sick fish can be measured in. Points will be deduced if you chose to measure a sick fish on the water 5cm per fish. If the measurer thinks your fish is ok full points will be given.  Once a fish is measured- in on the water, that fish becomes part of your session bag. If you measure-in two fish on the water, you must stop fishing. You can still help with netting and all other boating duties just no fishing.If you are the only angler in a boat you will be asked to leave the water.

Rule 25a. Do not bring an extra fish to the measure-in table if you have measured one fish on the water. You need to measure-in your own fish on the water and present two fish only per season.

26 In the case of sick fish at the measure–ins, if you know it is sick you are to let the measure-in master know 5cm in points can be deducted if the fish is deemed sick. If your fish is deemed healthy by the measure-in when checked you will get full points. no points will be deduced. This is totally up to the measure-in master to make the call on health of the fish for what points are given. We do not like to see dead fish presented at measure-ins or on the water. In case of a fish has been called half the length will be deducted.

27 If a fish is found to be sick by the measure-in master while trying to measure in the fish; Officials will determine if the fish has to be called, if it is called, a  5 cm deduction will apply.

28 When fish are measured anglers will return the fish to the water, no penalties apply at this stage in measure-in process, and once it is measured in the normal process it is points on the board for the angler. You the angler must put the fish back into the water and care should be given, its all up to you the angler.

29  No angler will argue with the officials about sick or dead fish the officials have the last say if an angler cannot accept the officials decision in regard to sick fish rule 26 then all their fish for that session will be deducted.

 Anglers are responsible for the health of their fish while fishing the tournament and it is asked that the anglers have in place the appropriate devices and plan to keep fish healthy for a measure-in. 

Note: lack of oxygen is a problem in hot weather it is a recommendation that anglers carry  or install a spray beam or spray bar, so water can sprayed across the top of your live wells water ,also a air stone is another choice, ice can help so think ahead in hot weather

needling fish ,fish which come from deep water can and will become sick if the air is not released from the bladder of the fish.

30. Tail gating? what is it. Following an angler to a fishing spot in session one. You know when your tail gating so don’t do it. However see rules for distance while fishing at a fishing spot on the dam, rule 10.

31. One member in the X-Factor teams event in the qualifing rounds must be a payed member all members of a team has to be members to fish the Teams Final. 

32. All anglers who fish the X-Factor teams events Grand Final have to be fully paid members . Can be done at the final if your not a payed up member.

 33.  Admin can draw any number of  Wild card entrants, These  are drawn from the hat before the final of the singles bass fishing  is held and done by management. Anglers will be notified in person . Admin holds the right to do this action or not. Due to changes in numbers of Ranked anglers going to the final. and Auto entry anglers going to final. .if THERE IS NOT ENOUGH anglers to make the top 40 for a Grand Final rookies can be picked only for a Wild card draw .Who picks who is a rookie ? it is done by admin only..

34. All anglers who fish 5 or more qualifying  rounds will Automatically make the Grand Final of Singles Bass fishing .

34a.  Top 40 ranked anglers will make the final as from 2019. This applies to any angler making the top 40 no matter how many rounds fished.

35. Bulling and abusing anglers or Admin. If an angler is found to be bulling or abusing an angler on or off the water in any of our tournaments at anytime expect to be banned or disqualified. Admin has the right to inforce this rule. If you have a grievance talk to admin so we can help sort it out before it gets out of control..

36.Leaving an area you have been fishing. You leave a spot then other boats can use that spot simple. You cannot own a spot and tell anglers to keep out of it. You leave it is a open area for others to use.

37.Stinging fish, We ask all anglers when pre-fishing to remember it's just that a pre-fish and when fishing on schools catch a few and move on. It's is  classed as unsportsman'like to sit on a school and sting them. MEANING CATCHING HEAPS on a pre-fish so as to shut that school down.

37a No angler can pay a charter operator to charter them to fish in any tournament. This is looked at as a serious breach of Conduct. 


Anglers who fish in any tournaments held by Barra&Basstasstic 'ABBT'  shell work with a code of conduct and the rules that cover the tournaments. Anglers at all times conduct themselves in manner which is considered a manner of ones higher self and will not reflect  unfavourably on the ABBT Tournaments its members or officials or representatives or Tournaments or Sponsors.  Anglers should use their best efforts to demonstrate a professionalism and integrity in support  of the sport they fish in. Any angler who violates any of the provisions of a code of conduct MAY be subject to  forfeiture of tournament winnings, suspension from competing in any ABBT tournaments, permanent ban from competition, or any combination there of deemed appropriate by ABBT .ABBT Admin have the right to refuse a membership , it also has the right to terminate a membership at anytime if it wishes.

Media comments and public attacks , The favourable public reputation of ABBT as a sanctioning organization in the sport of fishing. the integrity of its officials, and the reputation of its media properties are valuable assets and tangible benefits for ABBT. Accordingly, it is an obligation of competitors to refrain from comments to the news media that unreasonably attack or disparage the integrity of tournaments, tournament officials, sponsors, fellow members, fellow anglers or the ABBT. organization. Competitors are encouraged to express themselves and have the right to question the rules with officials. Responsible expressions of legitimate disagreement with ABBT. and at the right time this is to be done not in public or on public media face book ect. . As opposed to attacks upon the integrity of the rules or officials. However, public comments that an angler knows, or should reasonably know, will harm the reputation of ABBT officials or sponsors shall be considered conduct unbecoming and will result in disciplinary action. See rule 39 and use it if you need to.

39. Appeals to your rights  . If you feel you are not satisfied with a direction given by Admin  that effects points or any other reason which you may cause grief to you . "Excluding the measuring of fish ,this has to be done at the measuring table with the measurer on the day of the Tournament" You have the right to appeal in writing or a verbal meeting to air your case and ask for the matter to be looked at by Admin and to include Senior members of the Tournament so they can revisit the action that was taken. This has to be done on the weekend of a Tournament or within two weeks maximum time frame after the event or direction has been given.  

40. This rule will be in force from 1st of January 2018 .. No charter operator who is a member of Barra and  Basstasstic  who does a charter on Grand Final dam 5 weeks out will be able to fish in that final.  Singles or teams events dams .

41. Team qualifying rounds will have a new Jackpot idea with cash being held at all qualifying rounds and put into the Grand Final..

42, 2019 all our tournaments FOR SCORES will be run by Track My Fish . Admin has the final say on any disputes.

If you become a  member  you will have to abide to the rules as a part of your Membership 

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