Rules and Fees


Annual Membership Fee $60

Round Fee $60/round  

more for special events



Annual Membership Fee $20

Round Fee $20/round

Juniors are 15 years and under


Bass Fishing Rules

1. All anglers agree to adhere to all boating, fishing and safety regulations as set in place by the Queensland Government Fishing and Boating Authorities. This includes all safety gear (life jackets) and fishing permits for all aboard. It is the total responsibility of the participating member to make sure they abide by the above laws. Barra&Basstastic will not be checking any boats for any reason other than checking live-wells before a fishing session.  

2. All anglers agree to fish at their own risk in a safe and responsible manner, therefore never holding Barra&Basstasstic responsible for any accident that may occur due to failure to meet all safety, fishing and boating regulations, as set by the authorities.

3. All anglers agree that Barra&Basstasstic takes no responsibility for personal or property damage.

4. The organisers have the power to discuss all disputes and have the final say on these matters. Rules can be change over time and members will be advised of these changes.

5. All fishing sessions are floating starts.

6. All anglers will abide to the starter flag or be penalized.

7. Big boats will be considerate of smaller boats on the water at all times.

8. Barra&Basstasstic competitions allow casting of artificial lures, flies, ice-jigging or drop-shotting only (NO TROLLING OF BAIT FISHING ALLOWED).

9. All anglers are asked to be considerate of other anglers when leaving or approaching those who are fishing. A casting distance is appropriate unless the other boat gives permission. Do not go between the fishing angler and the bank at any time (Penalities will be applied).

10. Anglers are responsible for the health and well-being during fishing sessions.

11. Anglers fish must be kept in a live well (recommended 60 Litre - so as not to stress or lose fish). Anglers can use colour rubber mouth floats to identify ownership.

12. All fish must be able to swim away after measureing, any fish that cannot, will be deducted from the angler's score.

13. Anglers are to ensure their fish are the legal length 30cm (tip to tail). More than one undersize fish by an angler at a measure-in will be penalized 30cm.

14. There are to be no more than two legal fish per angler in the boat at a session. (30cm Penalty for more).

15. Anglers must be back before session cut off times or a max of 5mm per minute may apply. This rule is applied at organiser's discretion.

16. Pre-fishing is permitted on the weekend before and the Friday of the trial tournaments (EXCEPT AT GRAND FINALS).

17. In the event that an angler cannot attend a final, next in line will fish the final.

Competiton Fishing
Event Dates 2011

ph Russell on 41678183
or Trevor on 41654286

Round 1 Cania Dam 5-6th March
Round 2 Borumba Dam 16-17th April
Round 3 Cania dam 14-15th May
Round 4 Maroon dam 4-5th June
Round 5 Somerset dam 27-28th August
Round 6 BP Dam 8-9th October
Round 7 Boondooma Dam 5-6th November
GRAND FINAL 26-27th November Dam TBA