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Check out these new products!


Austackles Rods are a hit with our tournament winners!
Austrackle is 100% Australian Owned Family Business that specialise in
fishing tackle designed for Australian Fish and at affordable prices.
Check out their Seriously Good Gear at

The Bugger Chug is a new age surface lure by Kokoda designed to
emulate surface prey of fish such as Cicadas, Beetles, Frogs and Mice.
The Bugger Chug casts like a bullet and swims in an automatic
side to side action on the surface. Loud in nature, the Bugger Chugs
are no wall flowers and can be heard from over 30ft away,
we reckon fish crunch them to shut them up.

Checkout Kokoda's Fishing Gear! Its all about the fish!

Check out Lowrance Compact Fishfinders

Lowrance offers a range of color
and gray scale compact sonar fishfinders
as part of its innovative marine electronics line-up. 
Ideal for open boats and small steering consoles,
the 3.5” and 4” displays deliver clear
underwater target and bottom definition
enhanced by a suite of market-leading features.

The latest release from Evakool Iceboxes.

Xtreme Iceboxes have all the main features
you would expect from a superior insulated
polyethylene icebox.

Features include:

Extra Thick Fully Insulated Lid
Food Grade Lid Seal
Recessed easy to use latches
Integrated hinges with stainless steel pins
Molded handles on all 4 sides with tie down points on each end
Threaded , leak proof drainage bung

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