2020 Singles Barra Round At Lake Awoonga

2020 Singles Barra Round At Lake Awoonga

We kicked off our 2020 Tournament season with our yearly Singles Barra Round held at Lake Awoonga.

Held over 4 days from the 9th-12th January giving all anglers the maxium chance to fish with no session times and to come and go as they like. 

With around 40 anglers in a mix of Seniors & Juniors seen 155 Barramundi landed over the 4 days. 

The major award was the Best 5 Barramundi for the event which came as a tie from Justin Nye & Roderick Walmsley getting their bag limits with upgrades to end up with a total of 4500mm

Biggest Barramundi saw a 930mm come in from Justin Nye who won the award from countback as he caught the biggest barramundi first. 

Then the next award to chase was the most meteres, to catch as many barramundi to increase your overall lenght this was taken out by Roderick Walmsley with 26 Barramundi measuring 16780mm. Such a solid effort, fishing hard and long to land every one of thost. 

The juniors didn' disappoint when it come to them giving it a crack, local Jacob Watson took out the Junior Most Meters with 5 barra meausing 3350mm. Cooper Slade from Rockhampton came in second with 6 barra measuing 3180mm and a very special mention to our 3rd place junior David Nowland who landed his PB barra of 800mm which was exceptional and handled the big fish very well. 

Helen Maclean from Rockhampton took out the ladies with 3 barra measuring a neat 2000mm, however Helen's highlight of the trip was her PB freshwater barra coming in at 930mm, what a memory she has from landing a fierce fighing fish.

With all the big barra that is in Lake Awoonga there are still plenty of small pups out there and Graeme Hooton snagged the award of Smallest Barra coming in at 435mm

All the anglers fished to the conditions, with some wind around and moved as they needed to, to find the fish and get them to bite. Another year another amazing barra event. Congrats to all the winners and we are so very happy to announce that we are looking to have a Teams Barra Event at Lake Awoonga at the end of the year in 2020!!

Posted: Fri 31 Jan 2020


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