The Basstasstic Fishing Club

Our Barra and Bass, catch and release fishing club started in 2006. We organise a yearly fishing tournament that is competitive, but is unique in offering an open environment for our fishing club members to learn from each other to better target Bass & Barra, sharpening our fishing skills together. 

We encourage families to join our fishing club! We've a low annual membership fee and our members are happy to share their fishing tips! If you'd like to enter our competition their are no boat size restrictions and our round fees are low with plenty of great prizes to win thanks to the generosity of our fantastic sponsors!

Contact us to find out more about our fishing club!
Or call Russell or Trevor (phone numbers are below).

Our tournament is run by volunteer anglers, for anglers.We're not a business.  We make no profits and no one gets paid. The club donates $10.00 of the entry fee per angler back to the stocking groups at the dams we fish on. 

Organizers run the competition voluntarily and try to keep costs as low as they can. Seniors Annual Membership is $60.00 and Juniors joining fee is $20.00.

Your annual membership entitles you to fish in the Bass Trials, Teams Events, Extreme rounds and Barra competitions all at a cheaper cost for the one yearly Membership fee.  All seniors get a numbered badge for your fishing shirt.

To find out more...

Call Russell Nowland (07) 4167 8183    or       Call Trevor Crofts (07) 4165 4286



2008 saw many competitors and sponsors make the competition a success for everyone.  2009 was even bigger and better. With the new Australian teams championships and Australian Extreme time fishing event. These rounds are open to the public to fish at an extra cost.

Anglers are asked to catch their two biggest bass per session in all events except the team’s event which four fish from each boat can be measured at each session. There will be three sessions over the weekend of the competitions with changes to some events. All fish will have to be kept alive as it is a catch and release competition.

Any anglers needing help with any aspect of the competition need only to ring the organizers.

The Barra competition will be made up of two rounds on two different dams with prizes for both events. These events are open to the public at an extra cost then members.  A grand final will be held this year. It will be called the  Barratasstic Barra Fishing Golden Pro-Angler of the year Grandfinal.

Fishing for Australian Bass

If fired-up freshwater fishing adventures are what you're after, then Australian Bass are the fish for you! Bass our Australia's answer to Trout, most being 1-2kg (whoppers up to 4kg) they put up a powerful fight for their size. Bass have extraordinary strength and speed, possibly due to their strenuous annual migrations for spawning (in estuaries) and a life-style that is migratory in general. Australian bass are not to be underestimated, they're smart and will outwit even professional anglers, heading straight for the nearest snags (sunken timber) when hooked. Bass are a popular Australian Sportsfish.

Australian bass (Macquaria novemaculeata)


Barramundi Fishing

Barramundi (Barra) are a world famous and highly prized game fish because they're great fighters. Barra will leap out of the water, have strong runs, and can get off your fishing hook (no matter how well you thought you had them!).

Anglers are usually out to catch a "metrey" (a barra measuring in excess of one metre).  The record for the biggest line caught barra is 44.6kg at Monduran in December 2010. Many anglers aim to catch the 100 pounder, a target not yet achieved.

Barramundi is an aboriginal word meaning "large-scaled river fish" and was originally for saratoga but was appropriated for marketing purposes.

Barramundi (Lates Calcarifer)




Restocking Fish in our Dams

Our Basstasstic Fishing Club donates funds to our local fish stocking groups. Fisheries Queensland and community stocking groups work together to help ensure the future of our freshwater fisheries. Their regular restocking work at dams, weirs and rivers throughout Queensland has ensured freshwater
recreational fishing opportunities continue! Anyone can join a fish stocking group!

Other Common Fish Species


Silver Perch                                             Yellow Belly



Saratoga                                               Spangled Perch


Eel Tailed Catfish                                 Snub-nosed Gar Fish                          

Competiton Fishing
Event Dates 2011

ph Russell on 41678183
or Trevor on 41654286

Round 1 Cania Dam 5-6th March
Round 2 Borumba Dam 16-17th April
Round 3 Cania dam 14-15th May
Round 4 Maroon dam 4-5th June
Round 5 Somerset dam 27-28th August
Round 6 BP Dam 8-9th October
Round 7 Boondooma Dam 5-6th November
GRAND FINAL 26-27th November Dam TBA