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Our Freshwater Barra and Bass Fishing Tournaments are based in Queensland. 

We are now in our bass fishing season. Whether you're just starting to learn how to fish or have been fishing for years our freshwater fishing tournaments could be just what you're looking for! 

We have Annual Barra and Bass Fishing Tournaments which are run competitively but maintain a friendly  environment with members who are happy to share their bass fishing tips. 

If you are looking to get involved in  Freshwater Fishing Tournaments then Basstasstic is one of the best.



Australian  Basstasstic Bass Teams Championship dates for 2020

Round 1. 15th & 16th of February Borumba  Dam ( CANCELLED ) WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO A NEW DATE.

Round 2. 28th and 29th of March Cania Dam 

Round 3. 25th and 26th of July Wuruma  Dam

Round 4. 19th and 20th of September  CORAKI. Richmond River NSW 

Grand Final 24th and 25th of October  Somerset dam 


Round One Qualifier. 7th and 8th of March Somerset  Dam 

Round Two Qualifier. 18th and 19th of April Boondooma Dam 

Round Three Qualifier. 9th and 10th of May Wuruma Dam

Round Four Qualifier. 6th and 7th  of June Cania Dam

Round Five Qualifier. 29th August  and 30th of August Somerset Dam

Round Six Qualifier. 10th and 11th of October Borumba Dam 

Grand Final. 21st and 22nd of November  Cania Dam (pending water levels) 


2020 BarraBasstasstic Annual Awoonga Singles Open - 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th January.

2020 BarraBasstasstic Annual Awoonga Teams Open - Dates TBA.

2021 BarraBasstasstic Annual Awoonga Singles Open - Dates TBA.

2021 BarraBasstasstic Annual Awoonga Teams Open - Dates TBA.


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